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From the Desk

Mrs. Geeta Dagar is the enlightened source that leads us with a single minded dedication towards our goals. Learning for the kids cannot restrict itself to cognition alone, but must go way beyond and encompass a thorough understanding and most importantly, application of the knowledge gained.

She believes in providing her students with cutting edge in Technology along with a strong foundation in life skills. She plays different roles in the form of a guide, parent, friend and mentor as per the needs of the students and faculty. Nurturing the academic quest along with inculcation of sensibility and sensitivity and transforming multitude of information into meaningful and significant knowledge.

Mrs. Dagar says that one has to go beyond the traditional methods and ensure education for understanding that is excellent in quality, personally engaging and prepares the global citizens for tomorrow. The school provides a conducive, competitive, yet collaborative environment to make each student identify his/her strengths, realize his/her true potential and contribute his/her utmost towards a better society. At Shikshiyan a student is inspired to continuously compete with himself, breaking his own records of excellence and creating new milestones. Her accomplishments serve as an inspiration to the school.