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Primary Wing

Our curriculum incorporates current educational thinking and most effective pedagogical practices. It represents a process of revision that is both revolutionary and developmental.

Our aim is to foster the child in all dimensions of his or her life -moral, spiritual, cognitive, imaginative, aesthetic, social and physical.

Our curriculum is comprehensive and flexible, promoting active involvement of children in a learning process that is imaginative and stimulating.

The focus is on developing intellectual capabilities of the students to the fullest. An aptitude of reasoning, analysing and exploration is developed in the students.


Middle Wing


The main objective at the Middle level is to take up the responsibility of grooming children holistically, strengthening the scholastic and co-scholastic areas while reinforcing the value system or the “Sanskars”. Keeping in mind the present generation‘s curiosity and eagerness to learn, it becomes imperative to adopt an approach that would take care of innovative student centered learning environment enabling an educator to deal effectively with all types of students in the classroom.

The emphasis is on logical and categorical thinking. Exploiting the infrastructure advantages such as libraries, multimedia halls and laboratories play a huge role in this stage of development.

Middle school offers maximum flexibility in terms of experiential and experimental learning. On one hand there is a lot to offer to the middle school learners and lots of vitality that can be fruitfully maneuvered.

We design working of students in small groups, perform different learning tasks and learn from different books. Teachers provide guidance and all students have the opportunity to participate in school activities.

We aim to recognize learner diversity, employ educators trained in middle school education, offer exploratory curricular programs engaging learner’s interest and providing appropriate guidance and counselling.


Senior Wing


The curriculum at the Senior level is aimed at strengthening the academic concepts required to foster intellectual growth and development to meet the challenges and demands of the globalised world.

We believe that learning is about discovering rather than being instructed about already known facts. The aim is to equip learners with the skills and competencies required to face the challenges of the 21st century world. thereby preparing them for life. The school lays emphasis on STEM education to foster scientific temperament in the learners.

Educational programme at Shikshiyan in accordance with the guidelines of CBSE provides a variety of subject choices to learners. The curriculum is further enriched by the school, through an innovative and interdisciplinary approach. Languages are nurtured through radio shows, role plays, interviews, learners write book reviews and analyze narrative styles of different authors to grasp literary texts, Drama, music and art are woven into the teaching methodology to further strengthen love for languages.

Mathematical games, use of manipulative and Vedic math techniques generate and nurture love and interest in mathematics.

The teaching of Humanities is designed to enable learners to comprehend and appreciate diverse cultures, customs and people. The sciences are nurtured through innovation and experimentation. Innovations by Shikshiyanites have been recognised by various forums at all levels. Field trips, surveys, analysis of results and presentations on diverse financial happenings and issues enrich the repertoire of commerce.

The learning at the Senior Secondary stage requires students to focus on specific areas of specialization. The learning evolves into a more competitive one and teachers suggest useful reading material as well as additional texts to add depth to learning, Children are provided professional career counselling and advice on higher education.