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Sports and physical education is fundamental to the early development of children introducing the students to an early principle of sports help them develop physically and emotionally.

‘True wealth is having healthy mind, body and Spirit”. To facilitate the thought we provide our students with ample opportunity in all sporting events.

To achieve broader goals in education and developments, the Shikshiyan School organises various sports programmes focus to on the development of each individual. The school has appointed well trained and professional NIS coaches for all sporting games.

Music and Dance

Music involves the mind in an appealing away with the help of sounds. No printed communication discussion or arithmetical calculation is an expression statement by itself. Music is a true demonstration of traditions, communities, culture and aspirations of mankind for it in are embedded various customs, values and beliefs of common man.

We at Shikshiyan have studios for both Indian and Western Music which cater to choral and instrumental music from Pre-Primary to Senior classes; we provide a variety of musical instruments like keyboard, drums, guitar etc. We also have our own school Rock Band- "The Alabama of Shikshiyan".